Encompassing a wide range of treatment solutions, cosmetic dentistry involves straightening, reshaping, cleaning, lightening and repairing the teeth and gums to make smile more aesthetically pleasing.

From simple to complicated, Hockerill Dental Hertfordshire is equipped to take care of all kinds of aesthetic enhancements.

Our cutting-edge yet affordable dentistry procedures will give you the charming smile that you’ve always desired to have.

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Our Herts team of dental experts will guide you on what is the right cosmetic treatment for your dental issue. Bring out the naturally perfect smile in you with cosmetic dentistry treatments at Hockerill Dental. Treatments available for patients across Hertfordshire: Graveley, Perry Green & Cheshunt.

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a safe and popular procedure that can restore your teeth to their natural colour giving a healthy and bright smile.

Our unique approach to teeth whitening at Hockerill Dental not only creates very natural looking results but we have proven methods for safe, fast and effective results.


The visible part of a tooth is called the crown, if this is broken, weakened or heavily filed an artificial crown is fitted by the dentist to protect and resolve the original crown, and improve appearance.

The crown of a tooth is that part which is visible in the mouth. Crowns are made from different materials including the latest porcelain ceramics.


A veneer is a thin layer of tooth-coloured material that is put onto the front of the tooth to make it look better if the tooth has been damaged or discoloured.

They are an excellent way or hiding imperfections and greatly improve your appearance, without you having to lose much natural tooth material.

White Fillings

The white filling material sticks to your tooth and as such can be used to repair front teeth that are chipped, broken, decayed or worn.

Because they are can be matched to your tooth colour they blend in better with your natural smile and unlike silver do not run the risk of turning black in your mouth.


A bridge is a way of keeping replacement teeth in place, by fixing them to the natural teeth either side of the gap.

It improves the way you look, bite and chew, and as it can be matched to the natural colour of your teeth, you’ll soon forget that you have missing teeth.


Our Hertfordshire dentists have many years of experience in creating the right denture for every patient.

Denture Implants, Improve stability, improve confidence, improve your life!

0% Finance

0% Finance Plans available

At Hockerill Dental, we have finance plants to suit your monthly budget. This will helps to avoid large one off costs when visiting the dentist. There are many options of finance available depending on your dental needs.

Cosmetic Braces

Misalignment of teeth can dampen your confidence to show others your smile. However, thanks to some of the very latest in advanced adult orthodontic treatments, you can have straighter and better aligned teeth in just a matter of a few months. Learn about after orthodontic treatment.

Dental Phobia

Are you scared of going to the dentist?

Our practice in Hertfordshire, Hockerill Dental, has developed a new service to assist you and turning your dental phobia and anxious feelings into a fearless and more pleasant experience. We offer a free initial CBC (Cogntive Behaviour Coaching) prior to your dental appointment.

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