Due to its popularity, there are now a great many Implant Systems on the market. Essentially, they are all alike in that they replace missing teeth. However, they all have subtle nuances that make them very unique and techniques that would be suitable for certain situations only. These differences are what we use to select the right type of implant treatment for you in our Hertfordshire practice.  

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Benefits of Implants:  

Requirements for implants

In order to consider implant treatment you will need to have adequate height, volume and quality of bone in your jaw. We will determine this using radiographs (x-rays). Also, we will need to check your medical health in detail to make sure nothing is contraindicated and that the procedure will be safe for you.

Implant Retained Dentures

This is an aesthetically designed denture that is stabilised with implants. The implants are titanium rods that are placed in the jaw with components on the surface of the jaw that easily connects to the denture. Hence the denture is still removable but whilst it is connected to the implants it is very secure. This enhances the chewing ability and functionality of the denture.

All On 4

This is a specific treatment which involves a “bridge placed on 4 implants”, hence it is called All On 4. It helps to regain your confidence especially if you have been a long-standing sufferer of dentures. Our Hertfordshire dentists can help.

Alternatives to Dental Implant

Although Implants produce great aesthetic results and restore the ability to chew food properly, they involve a surgical procedure. Hence, we must make the decision to do treatment very carefully. The choice of no choice would be the option if you were contra-indicated for treatment due to increased risks in any of the other options.

Successful Implant Treatment

It is critical that you see a hygienist every 3 months. This is so that we can keep the oral condition and the gums around the implants healthy. Otherwise you can get gum infection around the implant called Peri-Implantitis or Peri-Implant Mucositis, that can lead to failure of the treatment. Hence, this will be planned into your oral care maintenance program. We are one of Bishop’s Stortford's leading implant dentists.


What is conscious sedation:

Conscious sedation is the safe and effective administration of drugs that safely relieve anxiety, increase relaxation, make the patient comfortable and reduce pain. Many procedures can be performed safely, efficiently and cost effectively using conscious sedation.

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